Welcome to Alamos Basement

Well, we’re finally here! The start of my new venture… Alamos Basement!!! I’ve finally come out to the world. It has been a brain child of mine since my college days at the University of Iowa. Back in the early 2000’s, I started a small online company building anything I could for anybody that would let me, let alone pay me for anything. Email setup, website work (dream weaver, email, and classic ASP anyone?), even business promotions using Flash. How and why would I do that? Lets just say I was determined. I scrapped by till I ended up giving all my clients away to a college friend, who took things over when I got a bigger and better full time job. But for some reason I never forgot that feeling I had when I got paid by my very first client. Plus years of building others websites and fixing I.T. issues made me come to the conclusion that I just need to do this for myself. Doing that work for myself never left me, and I knew one day I would do it again. But I would do things much better and actually help companies along the way.

Spin ahead 20 years later, with 20 years more of experience. I’ve finally got to a point where I can honestly say I know what I’m doing, and can actually help businesses in their process to tackle the I.T. world.
Websites, Block Chain Development, SEO, Analytics, Email Setup, Server Setup and Scalability, Database Setup, Maintenance, Auditing, and Reliability, Custom Apps… you name it, I can help you. Or should I say WE, because I can’t do this all alone? I have some special people helping me along the way.

I found out a long time ago that I have a gift of actually being a right brained individual in a left brain world. What I can do is an anomaly in my industry. When it comes to building IT solutions, most developers don’t know how to talk to clients, they clam up like the littlest kid in a dodge ball game or they come off too arrogant. Project managers just want to make you happy and will tell you what you want to hear. And then there’s sales people! They don’t know anything about technology but yet say yes to anything and everything just to get your business. All of these types can get the client into situations that causes them into paying too much $ for things they don’t need or worse yet, don’t actually fix your problems at all!

Anyways, without trying to sound to cheesy here, I’m committed to assist companies with their Information Technology needs and will stop at nothing to be the best company around to help move their businesses forward. I’ve done too much over the years, and seen other companies struggle with how to do things right. So here we are, the beginning of a very big future ahead. Can’t wait to get started! Contact us today, and let us guide you to where you need to be.

Torrey Johnson – CEO/Head Honcho